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Sold Benches

This page is to give an idea of what you can do if you want a custom bench. Scroll down page and click on photo to see details of each bench.

Atlanta Braves Bobby Cox's Bench.

The Braves commissioned me to make a bench for Bobby Cox's retirement in October 2010.

They supplied the autographed baseball bats, baseballs, and cards. Click on the photo to see closeup shots.


John McLaren Bench

John McLaren ordered this when he was bench coach for the Washington Nationals. He is now a scout for the organization.Click on photo for details of bench, click on his name in this paragraph to see his career info.


Allen Edmonds Shoes

Allen Edmonds shoe company ordered a few benches for their retail stores.They are based in Wisconsin, and wanted Milwaukee Braves cards on the bench. They put one in New York with Yankees cards as well. Click on Picture of bench to see details.


Fergie Jenkins Bench

If you don't know, Fergie Jenkins is a hall of fame pitcher. I put a melamine seat in the seat frame, Fergie and other players signed the bench seat. Click on picture to see more details.