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I started playing acoustic fingerstyle guitar, and picked up electric guitar soon after that. I play many different guitar styles, and also play bass guitar. I've been playing in working bands since 1984, started playing bass in 1992. Until picking up the bass, I played close to 1000 shows as a guitarist, trying to get work anywhere. I ended up working as a bassist with a band that played 7 nights a week for 7 years, literally over 2500 shows as a bassist. The guitarist is still going, he must have played over 5000 shows as a band leader. If you can, check him out in Phoenix- Carvin

. I've been filling in with different bands either as a guitarist and bassist for the last 5 years. The latest touring band is JD Simo. Click on jd's name to see his website.

Another band is Chris Hiatt

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I've been teaching guitar and bass since 1985. I specialize in acoustic fingerstyle and electric blues. I can teach classical and flamenco technique, I also teach music theory for guitar. I charge $20 for an hour at my studio, or $25 to $30 an hour if I have to travel.


I have been doing studio work for about 15 years. I can play about any style on guitar and bass, and also can play banjo and mandolin. I can read notation and charts. I can supply resume, or I can audition.

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