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Cards on Bench Seats and Tables

I was playing with a band at a House of Blues in Las Vegas. I saw chairs with tin cans on seats. I thought why not baseball cards on my benches. Not quite an original idea, but they are cool. I use either an epoxy resin, or plexiglass. Both surfaces can scratch. The epoxy resin creates a nice deep look to the cards. I can't get a perfect finish, there are occasional bubbles. Plexiglass is expensive, but is nice to protect the cards.

I can make something with cards from your favorite team, hall of fame players, tobacco cards, and any other cards you can think of. Scroll down this page to see examples of cards on benches and tables I have made.


Hall Of Fame Cards on Bench


Cubs Table

I didn't make the table, just put the cards on top. Great history of Cubs players.


Cracker Jack and Goudey Table

This table was featured in the April Issue of "Inside Jersey".Link to magazine on front page of website. 1914 and 1915 Cracker Jack cards, 1930's Goudeys, and 1936-36 Diamond Star cards. Great colors.


Tobacco Table

This is latest project. There are Cracker Jack cards, but majority are from tobacco era. I just have included table top photos, not whole table.