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This page has basic information about the benches I make. I will explain pricing details on this page as well, shipping costs at bottom of this page.

Click on links to go to Benches for sale and sold benches. The pages are continually being updated, so keep checking back.

Benches and chairs for sale

Sold Benches

I make two kinds of benches:

Basic sitting benches

and the card seat benches

I tend to think the card seat benches of more of an art piece than a functional piece of furniture, but they are structurally sound to sit on. I use epoxy resin or plexiglass, so sitting could scratch surface.

Please feel free to email for any questions


I have benches for sale, plus I can make each bench or chair on a custom order basis. There are different options for materials, and then I charge for my labor. A Bench with pro stock bats, new Rawlings Official Baseballs, and basic seat is $595 plus shipping.

Brand new Major League Baseballs add $60 to base price

Seat Cushions add $100 to base price.

I can also make a countersunk seat to fit 3 bases for cushions. That will be $100 extra for the bases.

Baseball card bench: starts at $100 over base price.


I can do barter, I am looking for authenticated autographs of Jackie Robinson, Gil Hodges, Sandy Koufax, Branch Rickey, and Roy Campanella, pre accident autograph. I am also making my staircase with game used player model bats, so will trade for gamers.

Baseball Bats:

I use game used pro stock bats, there are different color options (natural, black, brown, burgundy and red - limited numbers of each available). I purchase the bats from an equipment manager in Phoenix, A full size bench uses 19 bats, small bench uses 15 bats, and the chairs use 12 bats. I don't charge extra for the bats, but restoration of the bats is where the labor charge comes in. If you would like to save on restoration charges, you can use new bats, or your own (check out sold benches link for customers who have supplied their own bats).

The bats come to me cracked, with the tape on handles, pine tar, ball marks etc. I reglue the cracks, remove pine tar, tape, ball marks and refinish the bats. The bats don't turn out pristine brand new, but do look great and are structurally sound.


I use 10 baseballs for full size bench, 8 for small bench, and 5 for chair. There are different options for baseballs, and different prices.

Brand New Major League baseballs.

Used Major League Baseballs. These are usually for ambiance of used in games, sometimes they are pretty worn but were in "The Show".

New Official League baseballs.

I have some old rare Bobby Brown American League baseballs, if an interest, add $100 to base price of bench. They have the Major League mud worked in, just haven't been used, very cool.

Seat Materials, Other Materials:

For a basic bench I use plywood for the seat with poplar or oak for seat frame. Hardwood for the seat bracing.

Bolts, nuts, screws, threaded rod for attaching everything together.

Finishing materials (spray paint, stains, polyurethane, paint thinner), glue, sandpaper for bats and seat.

Card Seats:

There are many variables for card seats, your cards, or mine, please click on link: card seat info

To cover cards, I use two different options: Bar top resin. I use this for the reproduction cards, creats a deep look to cards. I can't get a perfect finish with the resin, bubbles etc, but still looks cool. At this time, the resin is $25 a bottle.

Plexiglass. This is more expensive, it does scratch (as does the resin), but looks great. Usually $50 for the plexiglass.

Cushions for Seats:

I have a seamstress who can put baseball fabric on foam, similar to using a base for seat. Full size benches use three cushions, $100 for the three. I don't make a profit, baseball fabric has a copywright, plus seamstress needs to be paid. Here a couple of examples.


There are a few options for shipping a bench. The benches have to be crated, attached to a pallet and surrounded by a plywood box. The freight companies charge quite alot of money, it cost $650 to freight to Houston TX from Phoenix AZ. The crating charge would be $100.

An alternative would be to take the bench apart, as they are easy to put together with proper instructions which I would supply. I have shipped a few for about $120 in 5 separate boxes Fed Ex Ground.

I would be able to deliver within a 400 mile radius. I would charge gas to deliver to any address. I am based in the Phoenix Arizona area.

Feel Free To email with any questions

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